About Us

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.26.27 PMIf you are in the market for fall plants such as mums, snapdragons and pansies not to mention cool rarities such as the weeping blue cedar then Flowertown Garden Center is the place to go.

Flowertown Garden Center is as unique a garden nursery as it gets. Not only does this garden center contain over 200 varieties of plants, it also features yard items such as gazeboes, artistically sculpted birdbaths and rain chain fountains that hook to your gutter to take the place of the downspout.

The seasonal gift shop is another amazing aspect of the Flowertown Garden Center. There is everything from Haitian art, to handmade soaps, local handmade pottery, and WoodWick candles that fill the air with fresh seasonal scents.

Owners Paul Moore and employee Charlene Sharkey are eager to answer any questions you may have concerning plant care and design. With over 25 years of experience, they are very knowledgeable in helping to guide their customers to the exact plants or flowers they are looking for.

“Our goal is to sell people what they need, treat them right, provide a fair price and educate them on the native plants that will do good for our area,” said Moore.
There truly is this vibe of pure uniqueness surrounding the Flowertown Garden Center. It is not your typical garden nursery that sets up plants in boring rows, its name and price tag in front of it. This garden center has a landscape design setting with walkways, water fountains and outdoor fans.

“We designed the nursery so that it gives our customers more of a homey backyard feel” said Moore. Flowertown Garden Center also offers quality bulk mulch, top soil, landscape design, landscape maintenance, sprinkler system installation, landscape lighting, hardscapes, fountains and ponds. They perform installation of outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens and fire pits as well, so come on out and check out their new outdoor designs.

This garden center is every yard owners dream come true. After stepping into this unique business filled with luxurious selections of all landscaping care and design, it is hard to imagine life without the Flowertown Garden Center.